Allow any doctor to access your
clinical health record – worldwide.

Enjoy peace of mind when you travel.

Give doctors access to your online
clinical health record, no matter
where you are.

Improve patient safety, save time and avoid redundant medical tests.

Access the patient’s clinical health record online so you have a more complete picture of the patient’s health.

What is myDoctorsMedicalRecordTM?

myDMR is a cloud-based clinical document repository service that supports value-based care through an automated, end-to-end chronic care management (CCM) workflow. myDMR enhances the sustainability of primary care practices and empowers patients to grant healthcare providers remote access to their summary care record.

How do patients enroll? Through their family doctor.

How do family doctors register with us? Through a quick enrollment process. Contact us to find out more.

Key Benefits


Put yourself at ease knowing your most current, comprehensive clinical health information is securely available online 24/7 to assist doctors in your care, wherever you may be in the world. This same information is also available to you anytime, so you can collaborate with your family doctor and stay on top of
your wellness.

Family Doctors

Increase patient safety by enabling your patients to give other doctors access to their current, comprehensive clinical health information in emergency or non-emergency situations. Empower your patients by giving them access to the same health information. Also, reduce your administrative burden.

Emergency Doctors and
Walk in Clinics Worldwide

Support patient safety and quicker
clinical decision-making by securely accessing a patient’s current, trusted clinical health information online.
No pre-authentication or pre-authorization is required. Also, reduce the occurrence of redundant diagnostic tests that could cost precious time in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the health information trusted, accurate and current?
Yes. The patient’s clinical health information has been supplied by their family doctor.
How is the health information stored? Is it secure?
The health information is stored on a secure cloud server using the same security software protection as used by government agencies. Detailed information is available upon request.
Does myDoctorsMedicalRecord need to integrate with a physician's EMR?
No, there is no requirement for myDoctorsMedicalRecord to integrate with an EMR.
How do emergency doctors and other non-primary physicians obtain access to the health information?
When a patient enrolls with myDoctorsMedicalRecord, they are given a wallet card with simple login instructions. When seeing a doctor away from home, the patient gives the doctor their wallet card, and the doctor follows the simple instructions. Access is secure and no pre-authentication or pre-authorization is required.

In an emergency where a patient needs care and is unable to speak, the wallet card and online instructions are sufficient for the doctor to obtain access to the patient’s clinical health information.

Because the patient’s health information originates from their doctor’s electronic medical record system (no integration required), it is trusted by the remote provider as being of diagnostic quality, minimizing the need for time-consuming and redundant diagnostic tests that could delay treatment in an emergency.

How do patients access their own health information through myDoctorsMedicalRecord?
Patients access their health information – and other account features – using their login credentials in the Patient Portal.
How do doctors and patients enroll?
Doctors contact us to enroll.

Patients enroll through their doctor, once their doctor is registered with us. If a patient is interested in enrolling and their doctor is not yet using our service, the patient is welcome to make their doctor aware of myDoctorsMedicalRecord.

What other benefits are available to doctors?
Fax communication is unnecessary. Referred providers can be given direct access by an EMR Administrator to the patient’s EMR records.
Who pays for the service and what is the cost?
The service is included free of charge to individuals enrolled in myDMR Chronic Care Management. For those who are not, it is paid through an optional nominal patient subscription. Contact us to learn more.
What is the difference between the patient portal and provider portal?
There is no difference in the personal health information (PHI) accessible through the two portals, as all of the PHI is disclosed from a doctor’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The information may also be supplemented with PHI from another source on the myDMR network as deemed to be of diagnostic value and clinical quality by your doctor.

With the Global Provider PortalTM, the healthcare provider has direct access to a patient’s PHI without needing to access it through the patient portal.  (Access to the patient portal could expose the provider to non-clinical information that could be distracting and time-consuming in an emergency). This allows quick, high security provider access with patient permission – worldwide 24/7 – even if the patient is unconscious.

With the Patient Portal, the patient can pre-define access control under various conditions and even revoke access to all PHI if deemed appropriate. All provider access is recorded with a detailed history available for the patient to review at any time. Each access can provide an email alert to the patient at the time of access with the provider identified immediately.

Do I, the patient, have to continually update my health records as is required with personal health records (PHRs)?
No, there is no maintenance required on your part. Your family doctor continually maintains records in an Electronic Medical Record system to provide your healthcare. These same records are available to you and other healthcare providers that you and your doctor allow to have access.

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